Meghan Lamb

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Silk Flowers- Birds of Lace, 2017
     "Interview with Christina Wood Martinez"- The Rumpus, 2017
     "Roundtable Interview"- Gina Abelkop- Weird Sister, 2017

All of Your Most Private Places- Spork Press, 2018
Letter to Theresa- Dancing Girl Press, 2016
Sacramento- Solar Luxuriance Press, 2014
Love, Jennifer Jason Leigh- Red Lightbulbs, 2011

"Inventory" - Vestiges II: Ennui- Black Sun Lit, 2016
"The Witch Who Wore White"- comix anthology, Black Eye II, Black Eye, 2016
"X-Offender"- Platinum Hits: A Blondie Tribute- E-Book, Housefire, 2012
"Angel Baby"-Anthology of Etiquette and Terrifying Angels With Many Heads, NAP, 2012
"Spring View"- Very Beautiful Women- E-Book, Pangur Ban Party, 2011

Select Fiction
"The Right Season"- Vector Press, 2017
"The Widower"- The Boiler Journal, 2017
"Indoor/Outdoor"- Redivider, 2017
"To Hold, To Hollow"- Threadcount, 2017
"Loyalty"- DIAGRAM, 2017
"The Hi-Point"- Grimoire, 2016
"The Interview"- The Account, 2016
"Afraid of the Rain"- The Collagist, 2016
"In Full View"- Necessary Fiction, 2014
"While You're Up and About"- SLAB, 2012
"Mosquitoes"- PANK, 2011
"I Am Wearing That Green Shirt That Shows My Nipples"- Bluestem, 2011
"Bastille Day"- Spork, 2010

Poetry and Micro-Fiction
"Missing"- Passages North, 2017
"Things We Say We See- Requited, 2016
"Skin"- Deluge, 2016
"An Open Room"- The Ampersand Review, 2015
"Nest Eggs"- Artifice Magazine, 2012
"Dead Friend"- Alice Blue Review, 2012
"White Scars"- Hobart, 2012
"The Sky is Birds"- Monkeybicycle, 2012
"The Choking Game"- Wigleaf, 2012
"A List of Stressful Activities That May or May Not Have Contributed..."- elimae, 2011
"Blue Cotton Gloves"- Nano Fiction, 2011
"Sunflowers"- NAP, 2011
"Phillip Glass"- Everyday Genius, 2011
"Unfair Events that Occurred in My Childhood"- wtf pwm, 2011
"Thoughts on How to Teach Yourself to Drown"- Pear Noir!, 2010

Performance Projects
"DIRTY"- Fanzine, 2016
"Words To Describe Myself After The Incident"- Fanzine, 2015
"Long Ago and Oh So Far Away"- apt, 2012
"GIRL"- >kill author, 2012

Select Non-Fiction
"What Do You Offer? My Friendship with Sarah Kane, Complete Plays"- Nat.Brut, 2017
"Excerpts from Address Book"- New Mexico Review, 2016
"Shapes Emerging From The Darkness of a Lake: Notes on Why I Write Fiction"- Fog Machine, 2016